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We are SnappyIT a company with over 10 years of relevant experience in SEO, E-Commerce and Web Marketing. We are your local, Ottawa company that has a big heart and abundance of experience to meet any of your needs. Internet Landscape is constantly changing and strategies we employ are shifting with it. Our vast experience allows us to drastically shift our strategies and tactics on demand to stay relevant in the current market place.

Mobile & Web Development

SnappyIT prides itself on delivering solution that go hand in hand with the current trends in technology and Web Marketing. With the widespread of mobile devices, it is very important to have a web presence that was specifically designed to present your content best on both Mobile devices and Regular computers. Here at SnappyIT, an Ottawa based organization, we believe in web presence optimization to all the possible devices out there and will meticulously with our clients to develop a solution that fully suits your needs.

Why SnappyIT?

SEO Company in Ottawa

At SnappyIT our team of Search Engine Marketing experts, e-commerce and web maketing in Ottawa have been focusing their efforts on providing best suited solutions on time and on budget for over 10 years. With the recent changes to the Web and modifications pushed by the search giants it is important more than ever to have a web presence that was carefully crafted by our team of professionals.


  • Content Writing – it is the cornerstone of an effective Search Engine Optimization Strategy. We will analyze your competition and create content that is completely custom to your organization.
  • Off Page – We will meticulously analyze every link on your web site and make sure that everything is up to the Google standards.
  • On Page – We will look at page, quality, load times, mobile performance and others to make sure that you website exceeds standards set by Google.

Internet Marketing

We pride ourselves not only on our ability to build a quality product that will keep your customers happy, but on our ability to bring traffic to your Web Site. Our in-depth Marketing Strategies include not only vehicles on bringing the customers to your page, but techniques on how make customers keep coming back as well as brand awareness for your company. Our services represent the exhaustive spectrum of services available in the Ottawa Gatineau Area.


  • Tailored Email Offers – We will work with you to create offers to customers based on their previous purchases and make sure they keep coming back.
  • Targeted Advertising – The truth is over 90% of you website visitors will leave without buying anything, we will use target advertising to remind them of your presence.
  • Branding – Ottawa business landscape is very demanding and our marketing strategies will allow you to create a brand awareness like not other.

Piece of Mind

At SnappyIT we employ a holistic approach for your web presence. Our web sites not only look amazing, they also perform on par with their looks. We consider you content strategy, information architecture, user pathways and how to market your site to you target audience

Our Approach

  • Strategy

    We will stat with analyzing your requirements and will craft strategic recommendations based, that will best suit your needs .

  • Information Arhitecture

    Our Gurus will define the feature, funcionalities, structue and user-experience of our website and develop a blue print of the whole project.

  • Design & Development

    We will work day and night to create high-end solutions that include, mobile, tablet and Computer versions of your website and present you with mock ups along the way.

  • Quality Assurance

    Before you website goes live, it will go through an extensive quality assurance process, that includes over 200 check points and includes security, site speed, functionality, content and others.

  • Launch

    Once its live, we will work tirelessly on extending the existing feature set, Web Marketing and customer retention.

Cutting Edge Technologies

We can develop web applications, E-commerce solutions and regular websites that are fully custom, mixed or based on of the shelf solutions. Here are some of our proficiency:
These are just a small subset of technologies available at our fingertips.

Google Maps Optimizaions

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Google is biggest search engine in the world amounting to around 80% of traffic. Shear size of the market place requires you present yourself properly to sand out from the rest of the businesses

How it works?

We will present the information in cohesive way throughout all he mediums available. Addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation will be all synchronized. We will encourage customer reviews, which in turn will allow you customers to make an informed decision when visiting your offices and be sure in their purchases.

Let Us do it for you!

We are experienced in placing businesses on the vendor maps and will work closely with Google, Microsoft and others to properly present your information on the maps for other to see. SnappyIT will ensure information content, flow and cohesiveness throughout all available mapping vendors and present your business with utmost professionalism.

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